How to help your teen stay in school and out of trouble using an innovative multisystemic approach

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    Dr. Patrick Duffy

    Clinical Psychologist

    About Dr. Patrick Duffy

    Patrick M. Duffy, Jr., PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in working with children and families with significant behavioral challenges since 1993. After working in various programs, including a community mental health center, psychiatric hospital, children’s home, and outpatient centers, he began using the evidence-based practice, multisystemic therapy (MST). Through his years of experience, he has served as a therapist, consultant, speaker, and trainer of therapists across seventeen states and in seven countries outside of the United States. Duffy is an annual presenter at multiple conferences that attract an international audience of professionals, and has presented at several conferences across the US and Canada.

  • Testimonial
    Eric W. Trupin, PhD, Professor and vice chairman at the University of Washington School of Medicine

    How terrific that Patrick M. Duffy has made available to parents the practical and effective strategies that have been developed through almost twenty years of research. With this readable and immediately useful handbook, a parent of a youth who has persistent problems with  self-regulation and non-compliance will be able to access intervention strategies utilized in approaches like multisystemic therapy—the most comprehensively researched, evidence-based intervention for teenagers whose behaviors lead them down a pathway into the juvenile justice system. Parents and behavioral health clinicians can take the pragmatic ideas and straightforward practices currently only accessible to a small number of families and put them immediately into practice. More importantly, they will likely see positive results in the behavior of their teenager! Yes, it requires a parent to alter his or her current parenting style—not an easy task—but the outcome in terms of youth success and family harmony are well worth the effort

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    Bernadette Christensen , Clinical director at The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development

    This is such an important book! Patrick M. Duffy has translated research and clinical knowledge into workable steps to help parents turn behavior around at home before turning to professionals for help. This book empowers parents to have confidence in themselves and gives them the knowledge and tools to help their children by focusing on reestablishing a good parent/child relationship. The examples throughout the book will help parents recognize they are not alone in dealing with these problems. Every family service, school advisor, and family doctor should have a copy of this book—and encourage parents to read it

  • Testimonial
    Patrick J. Kanary, Director, Center for Innovative Practices

    Dr. Duffy's book provides the kind of 'real world' guidance that is distinctly pragmatic and direct. While he clearly conveys empathy for parents of very troubled youth, he simultaneously reinforces the goal of striving for 'warmth and control' as the critical elements of the parent-child relationship. Dr. Duffy draws on not only the research but also his considerable experience with this population of youth and their families. The breadth and diversity of the stories, strategies, and techniques contained in this volume should provide many parents with some of the tools they need to achieve a more positive relationship with their child and find a sense of hope in sustaining it. While Dr. Duffy does not eschew professional guidance as needed, his focus is on helping parents gain confidence and skill in effectively managing their children's (teens) behavior. This is a significant resource for parents whose teens are on the edge of (or in) the red zone; and without effective intervention can result in terribly negative and cascading consequences.

What you as a parent are doing now may work with many other kids, but it has not been very effective with your child or you would be in a different section of the bookstore. I say these things to let you know from the beginning that I do not blame you for your child’s behavior. However, I see you as the most powerful person to change it. You will be confronted with some things that may seem difficult, and they will be, but be assured: change is possible.

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